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C Lanzbom: Songwriter, Performer, Artist, Producer, & Engineer

Grammy award winner C Lanzbom has spent years as a studio and touring guitarist. Spending time in the Middle East, C absorbed the Isreali-Arabic musical rhythms of the region, eventually fusing these ancient tones to the music he grew up with along the Jersey Shore. With a huge list of playing, writing , engineering and producing credits from his band Soulfarm, Crystal Bowersox (American Idol Finalist) to Shlomo Carlebach and Pete Seeger with Bruce Springsteen, As well as duo project with Ryan Cavanaugh to various television and film song placements, C continues to bring his unique sound around the world. And when he’s not touring, C runs and engineers Sherwood Ridge Studio, a state-of-the-art recording facility just North of New York City.


Lanzbom’s guitar skills show him to be an expressive, accomplished and visionary player who’s apt to mix Jazz, Rock, Folk and world music


The recordings bring to life all the intricacies and delicateness of Lanzbom’s acoustic guitar playing. His Style is so fluid and life like you can practically see it oozing out of your speakers.


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